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CEFENISA, S.L.- Technical service

Technical service - CEFENISA, S.L.

    CEFENISA, S.L. provides its clients with a Technical Service formed by a team of qualified technicians Technical Service - CEFENISA, S.L. which have acquired a long experience repairing and adjusting all kind of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, etc. machinery. To deal with any problem that should arise, our Technical Service has all the necessary tools and parts needed to repair any machine in the shortest time possible. With its long experience in this field, CEFENISA, S.L. has a long list of suppliers for any needed spare parts. Technical Service - CEFENISA, S.L. For those special cases when needed, we also have our own manufacture area for making replacment parts, formats, electrical items, PLC programming, etc. with enough capacity to solve any problem during their intervention in order to provide a solution to our clients.Technical Service - CEFENISA, S.L.CEFENISA, S.L. can provide this service "on site" at our client's factory floor or at our own factory bringing the machine. In the shortest time possible, our technicians will solve the problem. if you should come across any problem or malfunction with your machinery, don't hesitate to contact us for a solution.

Commitment and Quality Service - Technical Service - CEFENISA, S.L.