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CEFENISA, S.L.- The company

The company - CEFENISA, S.L.

    Established in 1983, CEFENISA, S.L. has been offering a very high quality professional service to all its clients for 40 years. CEFENISA, S.L. was created by two friends, Mr. Celso Nicolás Aires and Mr. Félix Juan Arribas Pascual, who are still the present owners. CEFENISA, S.L. started by offering machine maintenance services to pharmaceutical laboratories. Because of the good results achieved, they decided to expand the company's activities into manufacturing and the supply of spare parts for all kinds of machinery used in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result of their hard work, they gradually succeeded in expanding the company's activities into buying and selling a wide range of machinery, not only in the pharmaceutical field, machinery for the food, cosmetics, chemical, etc. industries. One of the company?s goals has always been to anticipate in advance the needs of these industries and provide the machinery to satisfy their needs. We deal with all the machinery involved in all stages of the manufacturing process from the preparation and processing of raw materials to the end product.CEFENISA, S.L. This includes a complete range of machinery designed for the preparation, mixing, granulating, pressing, storing, filling, packaging, labeling, wrapping and grouping, etc of liquids, creams and solids, as well as many other processes. As our main aim is to buy and sell used machinery, while at the same time not forgetting the new machinery we ourselves manufacture, our stocks vary constantly due to our frequent purchases. Because of this, our target industries can find the majority of machines that they may need at any given moment in our more than 12.000 square metres of warehouse space. This is an important factor to bear in mind as and when the need arises. When purchasing our machines, our clients have one of the two following options open to them: they can purchase the machines exactly as we bought them (as-is) and refurbish them in their own maintenance departments,según estado. CEFENISA, S.L. or have CEFENISA do the refurbishing and adaption of the machines to their needs (finished), together with a complete revision of all the necessary elements. A complete revision that includes painting and treatment of all those parts and surfaces needing it and finally the setting up, testing and necessary adjustment with the client's end product in our workshops. In this way, the client will have a machine in perfect, optimal working condition, completely adjusted to their specifications, thus permitting them to focus directly on the production process. With the experience built up over the years, CEFENISA has created and manufactures its own brand of new machinery which combines top quality and performance with exceptionally reasonable prices. As a result, our line of labeling machines and more recently our line of tablet and capsule counting machines have been received very positively by our clients, thereby complementing rather than competing with the rest of our machinery. From the beginning, CEFENISA has never neglected machine repair and electromechanical maintenance that many of our clients need. A group of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in all aspects of this kind of machinery, is available to repair and adjust any machine at our workshops or on our client?s factory floor. The supply of any needed spare part, whether standard or made to measure, ensures client satisfaction and reduces dead time to a minimum, thereby reducing the cost and lost production that failures and breakdowns cause.
    With all this in mind, we in CEFENISA, S.L. encourage you to put your trust in our company when needing machinery or maintenance and repair services etc. By so doing you will discover the professional, serious service that we offer. We are sure you will not be disappointed.