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CEFENISA, S.L.- Machinery remodelling

Machinery remodelling - CEFENISA, S.L.

    On many occasions our customers request machinery for specific purposes for which the machines aren't initially designed for. At CEFENISA we look for the machine that best suits the requested process and we study and undertake the modifications to be made so that the machine performs the requested function even though the machine did not initially incorporate it. In this way, in the event of having to acquire a new machine, CEFENISA provides, if possible, the possibility to modify an existing machine and thus carry out the process that the customer requests. This can be done at a much lower cost than the acquisition of a new machine for this purpose if such machine is available in the market for sale. If all this is added to the fact that the machine is refurbished, painted and tested, the customer will have an appropriate solution with an excellent service and a much smaller investment.
   If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to provide you with an affordable solution to your production needs.