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CALDEFARMA, S.L.- Design office

Design office - CALDEFARMA, S.L.

   Most of the projects that our clients request require a study and design prior to their manufacture in order to correctly project the entire process. Many of these projects require our engineers for their study as well as the assistance of our team of welders, sheares, polishers, etc. in order to realize the initial project of the client in a workable project and with the highest professionalism. Once the study is finished, our designers have computer-aided design programs and modeling to finalize all the details of their manufacture. All the documentation generated implies an added value of each project we carry out. 3D modeling is an important source of information so that our clients can virtually see how the project will be once it is finished. All this finally joins the manufacturing process. In CALDEFARMA we have very experienced personnel in the work of arc welding, TIG, MIG, plasma cutting, cutting, bending, polishing, etc. They provide a high performance final product and a very professional finish. The materials used are of very high quality and all our equipment finally goes through a meticulous inspection in order to provide our customers with the desired product thus fulfilling all their requirements. Our entire team has been in this sector for many years having acquired extensive experience capable of addressing all the challenges of each project. This experience has given us a lot of advantage when designing and creating all our equipment.