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CALDEFARMA, S.L.- Manufacture workshop

Manufacture workshop - CALDEFARMA, S.L.

   At CALDEFARMA we have a wide range of machinery and qualified personnel to tackle any challenge in metal manufacture, and especially in stainless steel. The experience of our staff is complemented by folding machines, shears, TIG welding equipment, MIG, plasma cutting, etc. that make it possible to carry out any project, regardless of how difficult it may be. The professionalism in the execution produces equipment with an impeccable finish that satisfies the demands of all our customers. The materials used are of the highest quality which guarantee a long service life to the equipment. The equipment we have manufactured is innumerable.Tanks, reactors, column elevators, bins, IBc containers, mixers, pharmaceutical containers, structures, etc. not forgetting a whole range of stainless steel furniture. Having our own workshop allows us to get out of the usual standards and carry out any project of stairs, structures, machinery, etc. tailored to the client's needs and complying with all the requested specifications. Our finished equipment has finishes with the highest demands for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, etc. industries.